25th November 2021

Why the Royal & Fortescue Hotel is the perfect escape?

With the world coming to a stop last year, we have missed out on a year of making precious memories with friends and loved ones.

As we are gradually getting used to the new normal and with the new year slowly approaching now is the most perfect time to plan your perfect escape at The Royal & Fortescue Hotel. 

Begin making 2022 the best year yet and take back the time you have missed out on by creating magical memories that you can reminisce on in years to come at one of our luxurious hotels.

At Brend Hotels, we guarantee that as soon as you step foot in any hotel of ours you are welcomed with unmatched service, exceptional accommodation, and the finest food and drink. Each of our hotels has its own personal touch so whichever hotel you choose to escape to we want to make sure that it will always feel like a home away from home.

The one aspect that makes The Royal & Fortescue Hotel different from all the rest is our devoted and dedicated staff who will always go above and beyond to make sure that each individual guest’s time with us is faultless. From our exceptionally skilled chefs to the friendly front-of-house team, nothing will ever be too much trouble for them. We can guarantee that you will receive exceptional service in every area of our hotel and the warmest welcome from every staff member you encounter.

Cornwall and Devon are lands of contrast, from sub-tropical gardens tumbling down to sheltered turquoise estuaries to majestic cliffs pounded by the roaring Atlantic. Quaint working fishing harbors are scattered along the coast and it’s here that boats land some of the nation’s freshest and finest seafood. Step away from the coast and you will find thatched cottages nestled in gorgeous green valleys whilst up on higher ground lie untamed moorlands. The entire region abounds with significant historical sites as well as medieval castles and statuesque stately homes, each representing a fascinating past.

Devon and Cornwall are renowned for their charm and serenity and we expect our guests to feel nothing less when they visit.