15th April 2022

Making Earth greener

Being a multi-generational family business, we care deeply about our planet's future - as well as its present. We’re committed to fighting climate change, helping to preserve Earth’s natural beauty for future generations to come.

To celebrate Earth Day we’re shining a light on the incredible work being done across our hotels and a few takeaways that you can do, to better our beautiful planet that we call home.

6 things we are doing:

  • Food Waste - Naturally, across our 11 hotels we accumulate a large amount of food waste, we use Andigestion which makes all of our food waste into renewable energy.

  • Electric Car Charging -  We have installed electric car charging points at various hotels to encourage the use of electric cars by our guests.
  • Renewable energy - We have implemented renewable energy solutions across our hotels, including solar thermal, PV installation and Biomass wood chip boilers. 

  • Recycling - Across all of our luxury hotels, we recycle metal, glass, plastic, card and paper and almost all our waste is recycled or reused. This has had an outstanding effect by diverting more than 95% of our waste from landfill. 

  • Shopping local - We buy as much of our fish, meat, cheese and vegetables from local supplies, with one hotel being less than 1 mile away from one of their local supplies, we strive to support local to not only better our community but to reduce unnecessary food miles and waste.

  • Donate - Across our hotels, we’re proud supporters of Plastic Free North Devon, North Devon Biosphere Reserve and South West Coast Path who all do incredible work in helping improve our communities. 

6 things you can do:

The endless lists of do’s and don’t can be daunting, start with small manageable changes that can be easily managed and fit into your routines. As time goes on you can add more items to the list and before you know if you’ll be thriving in your sustainable life.

  • Beach Cleans - Next time you’re enjoying North Devon's stunning coastline, why not do a #2minutebeachclean and help pick up litter that scatters our gorgeous beaches. Or join Plastic Free North Devon on their annual beach cleans, a great way to come together and help the local community and area. 

  • Switch it off - Whether it’s leaving your TV on standby, switching off lights before you go out and unplugging unused phone chargers, it all makes a difference! 

  • Save Water, Drink Wine - Now we can really get behind this statement for more than 1 reason. Taking a shower can use a third less water than a bath, turning taps off when shaving or cleaning your teeth and only boiling the correct amount of water. 

  • Reuse & Refill - Next time you’re after a cup of joe, come prepared with a reusable cup or water bottle so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles or cups whilst you’re out and about. Plus, many local shops give customers discount for bringing their own reusable cups. 

  • Ditch the straws - Plastic straws will still be on our planet for 400 years so why not try paper, vege ware or hay straws?

  • Donate - There are so many incredible charities across the South West and UK, with the money you’ve saved from using your reusable cup, why not donate to a local charity?

If you’d like to find out more about our pledge to better our wonderful planet, read our full environmental policy here.