30th June 2021

It's time to get talking!

Do you enjoy blissful walks on clean beaches? Making a splash in clear waters? Or strolling along immaculate coastal paths? To protect all of these blissful luxuries we’re doing our bit to better our carbon footprint and reduce our plastic waste. Plus, it’s national Climate Action Week so what better time to get talking! 

Keeping our carbon footprint and plastic waste down is something that is ever important to us and we pride ourselves on the least amount of plastic waste as possible and we’re proud to be Plastic Free North Devon Champions as a part of this ongoing campaign. 

Here are a couple of things we do to better improve the environment and plastic waste and we hope you take inspiration from these to reduce your own carbon footprint. 

Our actions to date:

  • Pager or biodegradable straws

  • Recycle all card, food containers and glass bottles

  • Cold drinks are in glass bottles e.g water, Fobishers, Cola & Luscombe 

  • Support local businesses our nearest supplier being under a mile away

  • Our Ice Cream is locally made by Lovingtons

  • Fish Supplied from Ilfracombe 

  • Food waste is recycled to make renewable energy using Andigestion

  • Refillable toiletry dispenser (saves around 300 bottles per day)

  • All Ink & toners are recycled 

  • Moved away from individual packaged cereals to large bowls and avoid single-use sachets 

  • Use large-format milk pergals instead of individual cartons 

We’re always striving to improve and we have a dedicated team ensuring we’re ever bettering our carbon footprint.